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Sam of Hamble
Sam Alexander
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'Flight to Dingle' - a 7 min video on You Tube giving a full flavour of this fantastic race
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'Dingle Race' - a 20sec You Tube clip showing the Dingle race shortly after the start
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'Me steering' - a 15 sec You Tube clip of spinnaker sailing across the Atlantic
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'Approaching St Lucia' - a 22 sec You Tube clip showing Nisida at the end of the ARC under reaching spinnaker
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'Small spinnaker' - a 29 sec You Tube clip of Nisida mid Atlantic under her small running spinnaker
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'ARC 2008 - Val steering' - a 33 sec You Tube clip of some fabulous downwind sailing in the Tropics CAH Sailing Ltd.     52 Black Lion Lane, London W6 9BE    Tel: 077 6777 3953