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Racing Highlights

2015 (Sam)
  RORC Morgan Cup 6th Class 4
  Round the Island Race 10th Division 2D (49 starters)
35th Group 2 (153)
90th overall (hundreds)
  RORC St. Malo Race 2nd Sigma 38
15 Class 4 (44 starters)
2014 (Sam)
  Round the Island Race 2nd Sigma 38
  Cowes Week 2nd Sigma 38
  RORC Round Britain Race
on Saga
 1st IRC Class 1
2013 (Vitesse)
  Cowes Week 4th Sigma 38
  Rolex Fastnet Race 4th Sigma 38
2011 (Vitesse)
  Rolex Fastnet Race 3rd Sigma 38
2010 (Nisida)
  RMYC Marzamemi Weekend Line Honours
  Rolex Middle Sea Race  Coastal Race 1st IRC Class 1
  Rolex Middle Sea Race  31/73 to finish,
9th ORC class 3
2009 (Nisida)
  Rolex Middle Sea Race  24th to finish,
8th IMS Class 3
  RORC Fastnet 41st to finish, 19th IRC Class Zero
  RORC Caribbean 600 4th IRC Class Zero
   BVI Spring Regatta  4th Performance Cruising 1
  Dublin to Dingle (D2D) Race  3rd overall,
IRC: 6th out of 37
2008 (Nisida)
  Rolex Giraglia Cup 13th/91 ORC
  Aegean Rally 3rd ORC Club
  Aegean Regatta 1st IRC Club
  Rolex Middle Sea Race  7th IRC Class 2
  ARC Transatlantic  9th/200 to finish,
3rd Racing Class 1
2007 (Nisida)
  Royal Malta Yacht Club
Autumn Series
  Rolex Middle Sea Race  1st IMS Class 3
  RORC Fastnet 3rd Class Z
  RORC Channel Race  1st Seahorse Division
  Cork Week 3rd Sigma 38 Class
  Tunisia Sailing Week (Nisida) 2nd overall
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