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Sam of Hamble
Sam Alexander
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Watch a short Video clip of us sailing Nisida during our Malta - Gran Canaria trip.

Nisida in Antigua week 2009
Caribbean racing


Sam of Hamble
GBR 8396
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After several years, lots of fun and adventures Nisida has gone to a new home, and we have gone back to a Sigma 38.

We bought Mustigo11 last December and she went in to Desty's shed at Hamble Point at the beginning of February to re-emerge in mid March as Sam of Hamble. Over the 6 week she was there, the keel was removed and the bolts, having done 23 years service, were replaced. New windows, rudder bearings and lots more including new upholstery, floorboards, batteries etc etc.

With Sam, we will be continuing our theme of some adventurous sailing, some good and exciting races, some training, courses etc, and some cruising, which will be a mixture of laid back trips with plenty of time ashore along with some more challenging trips. CAH Sailing Ltd.     52 Black Lion Lane, London W6 9BE    Tel: 077 6777 3953